What's in the Box

Here is a sampling of what produce you may expect to see in your box throughout the growing season. These are actual shares from last year.  Please click the share for more information and the newsletter.

June 16th - Week 2


This Week in the Shares

Lettuce - Full 2 heads, Small 1 head

Radishes - 1 bunch

Spinach - 5 oz bag

Kohlrabi - 1 each

Walla Walla Onion - 1 each

Rainbow Chard - 1 bunch

Napa Cabbage - 1 head

Dill - 1 bunch

Baby Carrots - 1 bunch

Bok Choy - 1 bunch (full share)

Asparagus - 1 bunch (small share only)

Strawberries - 1 pint (full share only, small share next week)

Curly Kale - 1 bunch (full share only)

August 4th - Week 9


This Week in the Shares

Summer Squash - some for each share, larger portion for full shares

Cucumbers - some for each share, larger portion for full shares

Carrots - (full share) 1 pound per share

Green peppers - 1 per share

Fresh  Red Onion-1 per share

Rainbow Chard- 1 bunch per share

Cilantro-1 bunch per share

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper-1 per share

Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes-1/2 pint each small share; 1 pint each full share

Green Beans- 1 pound each small share; 1 1/2 pounds each full share

Tomatoes-a small bag for each share

Melon-1 per share

October 13th - Week 19


This Week in the Shares

Acorn Squash - 2 for Full shares, 1 for Small Shares

Cabbage-1 head for full share

Parsley-1 bunch per share

Romanesco or Cauliflower- 1 head per share

Rutabaga- 1 or 2 in each share

Arugula-1 bunch per share

Spinach- 1 bag per share

Red Bell Pepper - 2 for small shares, 3 for full shares

Brussel sprouts - 2 stalks per small share, 3 stalks per large share

Potatoes-1 pound small shares, 2 pounds full shares

Lettuce- 2 small heads per share

Garlic - one head for each share

Sweet Italian Frying Pepper - one each full share