Meet Your Farmers

Farmer Andrea

Andrea is a dedicated farmer and homesteader.  She is passionate about life and nurtures our family and the farm. Her main respoisbilitues include all of the field planning, managing the greenhouse, planting, and packing the boxes.  In the winter you can find her pouring over seed catalogs and making spreadsheet after spreadsheet to make the year run smooth.  Once it warms up, she is in the field planting, weeding and harvesting in the beautiful fields of Knapp Valley with the creek bubbling along in the background.  Without her nothing gets done.  In addition, she still works part time in her pre-farming career as a registered nurse at                                           Vernon Memorial Hospital. 

Farmer Aaron

Aaron loves to be in the fields with his family.  Working side by side with Andrea and his children fills him with gratitude and peacefulness.  His main responsibilities include weeding, harvesting, irrigating and scouting the fields in the serene valley.  He also runs our Farmers Market stand with our children.  In the winter he is trying to improve our infrastructure and in the summer he is playing in the soil as often as he can.  After 14 years as a social studies and special education teacher he is happy to be a full time farmer since 2014.