Shared Commitments

You can buy your food anywhere. However, when you purchase your food from Knapp Creek Farm you are engaging in a unique social and economic transaction.  Yes, your food will be the freshest and most nutritious organic food you can imagine.  But you are also engaging in a special relationship with the land, a family of farmers and a community of eaters.   In this relationship we both have shared commitments to each other.

We commit to:

  • Provide you with the best food possible
  • Provide opportunities for you to actively participate on the farm
  • Provide weekly insights to our farm with a newsletter
  • Recipes, recipes and more recipes to help you use your box to its fullest
  • Deliver your box to your home, workplace or drop site

You commit to the farm: (The below activities are strongly encouraged for you to get the most out of your CSA experience)

  • Join us for one morning or Saturday on the farm for harvest help 
  • Participate in community events with our members
  • Add to the discussion on our private Facebook group
  • Understand the concept of CSA