Our pastured hogs and the lambs will be ready in the fall.  Our CSA members and past meat customers always have first chance for our lambs and hogs.  If any are still available, we will have a sign at the Viroqua Farmers Market.

Pastured Pork

Sold Out for 2017

Pastured pigs who spend their summer rooting in the woods to their hearts content.  We feed the pigs only certified organic grain, extra certified organic vegetables and extra milk from our family cow.  The pastured pork is $4 a pound hanging weight plus processing/slaughter (this is usually between 60 cents to $1 per pound depending on cuts, sausage etc).  A 1/2 pork is usually around 90 pounds hanging weight which is around 70 pounds cut weight (what you actually get).  In the end, a half pork usually costs around $450 and you end up with about 70 pounds of meat.  It is a mix of all the cuts and is nicely packaged in usable portions.  We request a $50 down payment to reserve a half hog.  Here is a link to a website that gives great information about what is in half hog, types of cuts, amount of meat and amount of room it takes.

Pastured Lamb

Sold Out for 2017

Our lambs are on our pasture with our familys cows.  They wander the hillside eating fresh grass all season long.  A lamb is $3.75 per pound hanging weight plus processing/slaughter.  A whole lamb is usually about 50 pounds hanging weight and 35 pounds cut weight.  We request a $50 down payment to reserve a whole or half lamb.