Farming Practices

Protecting the Land

We have been blessed with the care of this beautiful 36 acres of land.  It is our duty to protect and promote the health of this land.  Growing vegetables can be hard on the land if not done with great care.  We take pride in making sure we continually build the soil and leave the field in a better condition each year.  We do this through our organic practices, the use of compost and cover crops.  


Our produce is certified organic through Midwest Organic Services Assosciation (MOSA) based out of Viroqua, WI. This means we follow organic practices in our farming, and are subject to inspections at any point from MOSA.  We are happy and proud to be certified organic, and would not want to farm in any other manner.

Small Scale

We consider ourselves a Market Garden.  We actively farm only 2 acres in annual vegetables.  We mostly use hand tools, a two-wheeled tractor and other small tools to farm.  While this is a small acreage it is farmed intensively for maximum production.


We are committed to staying local.  All of our vegetables are sold within a 40 mile radius of our farm.