Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with a share?

By purchasing a CSA share at Knapp Creek Farm, you are not only getting a box of organic, local, incredibly fresh produce every week over the 20 week season, but also, you are becoming a part of our farm. You will journey with us, through the season, via our weekly newsletters, hearing all about what is happening at the farm, the veggies in your box and how to use them. You are also encouraged to join us for a harvest day, some special work days and our picnic on the farm to celebrate the season.  Your share supports the local, small family farm movement, and you can feel very good about knowing exactly where and how your food was grown.

Are you certified organic? What does this mean?

Yes, we are certified organic through Midwest Organic Services Assosciation (MOSA) based out of Viroqua, WI. This means we follow organic practices in our farming, and are subject to inspections at any point from MOSA.  We are happy and proud to be certified organic, and would not want to farm in any other manner.

What does CSA stand for?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  It is the method in which you can know exactly where your food comes from, and who is growing it.  The farmer is supported directly via you, the community, rather than pursuing wholesale or other options.


Part of belonging to a CSA involves sharing in the joys and the struggles of farming.  Not only do you share in the bounty of the season with us, but you also share in the risk which weather, pests and disease bring to a farm. 

What kind of produce can I expect with my share?

You can definitely expect all your favorites - juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, or tender potatoes.  Also expect the occasional, new or interesting vegetable, or perhaps a variety of vegetable you have not tried before.  We will give you the tips and tools in order to know how to prepare and enjoy your share to the fullest.  Expect about 9-13 different produce varieties in each box.

Can I split a share with a friend?

You are welcome to do this on your own, but we cannot deliver separate boxes to each of you.  

What if I am on vacation and cannot pick-up my share for a week?

You are welcome to have a friend or family member pick it up or if you are unable to accept your box that week, let us know and we'll deliver it to a local food shelf.

Do you offer worker shares?

We do.  Please see the Worker Share option on the share option page.

Can I visit the farm?

Yes, we hope to see you here.  Each member is encouraged to help with a harvest day on Monday or a Saturday once a month.   There will also be an picnic on the farm in June.

What is the length of your CSA?

Our CSA runs for 20 weeks, from June into October, with deliveries every week via either a full share or a small share.  We take a one week break for the July 4th week. You will receive 20 boxes throughout the season. There are also bulk sales of storage crops available in November that may be purchased separately.

Do you offer any sort of payment plans?

You are welcome to pay for your share all up front upon ordering, or you can pay half when you order and the second half by August 1st via post-dated check.  We also accept credit cards via paypal.  

What do I do with my empty box?

Please leave your gently folded up box at the spot that you have asked for your weekly delivery to be left.  We re-use these boxes week after week, so please treat them gently.